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Cira Lombardo Wedding Creator. Your wedding day in the Amalfi Coast. Ravello, a delux location. An elegant and luxurious wedding in Italy. Make your Italian dream true…

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photo by Joanne Dunn

Two young and beautiful Americans, with very clear ideas. ” We want to get married in Italy, we want a dream wedding”. And here they are, in this picture, for ever immortalized as protagonists of a 60′s romantic movie , on the Villa Cimbrone terrace, in Ravello their wedding day will be unforgettable…..
Halfway between the sky and the sea Ravello is the perfect location for a romantic wedding.
If Italy is synonymous of elegance, quality, refinement, Mediterranean climate, good food and the friendliness Cira Lombardo Wedding planner can always achieve the dream

Ringraziamo Angela per questo testo e Maria Carmela per la traduzione.

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