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“One Week Wedding”… strictly in Italy!… strictly Italian Style!

Cira Lombardo, event planner, has selected the most beautiful locations on the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast to create luxurious and glamorous atmospheres for Your Italian Wedding.

What happens if creativity and originality of a wedding planner will combine with the magic of expertly selected locations and the pleasure of a vacation organized in an original way and in all its details? A special day is multiplied in a thousand emotions; event, entertainment, celebration and love turn your wedding day in a “One Week Wedding”.

Cira Lombardo, event planner in Italy, has selected locations and villas of enchantment that can become the setting for your party, your honeymoon and for your holiday. Having a luxury villa for you and your guests or just for the bride and groom, a romantic dinner to donate an Italian jewelry, fun to follow a course in Mediterranean cooking, or to choose the design of the wedding cake, a terrace overlooking the sea only for two with a personal international chef , private and exclusive tours around the most beautiful localities on the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast , the bachelor party or the hen night, magic scenography to create the desired staging with latin melodies or jugglers of the past … this is what we call “Something More”… just for Your Italian Wedding.

One Special Day… One Week Wedding… One Life of Happiness!

Luxury, Glamour, Mediterranean Flavors, Epoch Atmospheres: these are the ingredients that Cira Lombardo has chosen to select the best villas on the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.

To make Your Italian Wedding the Perfect Wedding Abroad, three elements are surely required: a love to celebrate, a magic place and a perfect planning.

For the magic of the places, we have tried something really special and particular.
Besides the natural beauty, our locations had to have something totally unique: a pool directly on the reef or on the sea, gardens and terraces of enchantment, beaches, rooms and bathtub with glass door overlooking the sea, ancient dwellings where historical or famous figures have resided, fascinating alcoves and original furniture, settings which are singular but always cozy.

The luxury, comfort and atmosphere but also the quiet, privacy and discretion.

Colorful houses and mosaics, towers, churches, picturesque streets then become the scenery which surrounds the beauty of the locations to be taken for the single event, exclusively, in two, to affirm your love enjoying the whole villa, or surrounded by family and friends in breathtaking destinations providing more bedrooms and more rooms.

One Special Day… One Special Place…

CIAK: Wedding on stage!
Settings and scenographies studied in detail for the Italian Wedding of your dreams with Cira Lombardo, Event Creator.

Cira Lombardo not only plans the whole organization of an overseas wedding, but customizes the commissioned event according to the Event Creator Philosophy: creativity, emotion, essential and elegance, but also exclusivity and glamour ; events are copyright moments for a dream comes true in the most beautiful places in Italy, in locations that are striking for their beautiful visual energy and for the wonderful image.
Through a detailed and ambitious flower design work and the choice of a theme or a color, she is able to enhance the harmonies of an environment; an emotional relationship is established with the couple and astonishment is created in guests.
The Event Set Design will focus the desired style: magical, fairy, romantic, glamour, country, trendy, vintage or ethnic and the result is a unique atmosphere.
If desired, the choreographies will do their part and then everything will be animated by jugglers or portrait artists, music and performances, play of lights and fireworks, romantic serenades and dances of passion, without forgetting the details of an excellent and choreographic food , the wedding cake, favors and confetti , and rhum tasting with cigars and chocolate.
The ceremony, civil, religious or symbolic will be customized and nothing is left to chance; any detail of the mise en place, the tableau mariage, the placeholders, the centerpiece and… all your imagination will come out from Lombardo events workshops!
Enchantment and fable merge to realize dreams.
Professionalism and succession beat time.

Love in Italy… Love in Kitchen… for Your Italian Wedding or simply for your holiday on the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.

Cira Lombardo, wedding planner and creator, can arrange for her weds and for her guests amusing events such as “Mediterranean Cooking in Villa”.

Food and love have always had a close connection, as in most romantic films, where, between gravies and delicacies , the most beautiful scenes of love have been realized, and the five senses are involved and excited as in life.

“One Week Wedding” is also a cooking class for two in an exclusive villa in Sorrento, where the cheerful preparation of dishes to be enjoyed together, becomes the starting point for a lunch or dinner in front of a breathtaking view, immersed in the Mediterranean colors and flavors .

Followed by a culinary expert, you will discover the secrets of the typical dishes of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast, that you will enjoy as guests of the location, and the recipes that you will bring with you, are a memory of your Italian stay .

In pairs or in a group, if you prefer, inebriated by a good wine… Buon Appetito!

A dinner… A jewel… on the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast! Cira Lombardo and her luxury line.

A surprise for the one you love during your stay in Italy ?

An invitation to a romantic dinner, prepared by an international chef, with delicacies of palate served in a fairytale atmosphere, where the sea and the starry sky and the exclusive location, a villa just for two, play their part.

Excellent food and wine are accomplices in this evening during which you can whisper… “Dimmi di Si”“Tell me Yes”… Marry me!… and to remember and seal this wonderful step in Italy, an Italian jewel.

Cira Lombardo is also the creator of a line of jewelry for who want to declare his love and his desire to live together in a surprising and original way.

An Italian sentence to remember Your Italian Wedding and a warm Mediterranean “YES”


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